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The Flying Falcones
A Novella by Susan Payetta


Paperback 252 pages; ISBN 978-97695346-1-2


(epub) 978-97695346-2-9

(MOBI) 978-97695346-3-6


The Flying Falcones is a story of love, loss and sausage. Lots of sausage! Following a tragic circus accident in Italy in the 70s, The Flying Falcones emigrate to Port Arthur, Canada where they become expert sausage makers. Decades later their heirs struggle to grow the family business while Lina, the family matriarch, undergoes psychiatric assessment.

Rosemarie Catanzaro is a successful career woman who takes a stand against racism and loses. At the age of 33, she's lost her job, her boyfriend and her car.  While she tries to get her career back on track, she takes a minimum-wage job in the meat department at Falcone Fine Foods. During Lina Falcone's "incarceration" Rosemarie is recruited to help with the bookkeeping. In an attempt to modernize Lina's antiquated system, Rosemarie discovers a dangerous secret while trying to conceal one of her own.

Circus performers cum sausage-makers, depraved and daffy co-workers and the disenfranchised conspire to transform Rosemarie's so-called life. Sometimes for the better!

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