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Up Before Dawn
by Edward Kent


Paperback 179 pages; ISBN 978-976-95346-0-5

Edward Kent’s memoir spans an era of enormous change in the Windward Islands, and the world at large. A comprehensive study in agricultural practices from a unique perspective, the book contains historical and technical information detailing production of export crops; nutmeg, cocoa, coconuts, and bananas--with a close look at the challenges faced by the lime industry.

The story chronicles the author’s adventures beginning with his privileged childhood on his family’s cocoa estate on Grenada in the 1920's. Edward's professional travels take him around the region; to Canada in 1962 as a delegate to the Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conference; and to Buckingham Palace where he's awarded CBE for his contribution to the agricultural industry in the Caribbean.

From shipwrecks to hurricanes, entertaining and enlightening escapades add spice to the struggle of daily life on a small island in the Grenadines.

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