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BOOK REVIEW by Joan Baril

The Flying Falcones is set in a Thunder Bay butcher shop and inhabited by great Thunder Bay characters. It is a very funny book. The author and publisher, Susan Payetta, has entered it for the Stephen Leacock award and I believe it has a good chance.

The plot: Rosemarie Cantazaro remembers the butcher shop from her childhood but who could believe she would ever be working there!. But Rosemarie needs a job and what a job. The usual Thunder Bay craziness and eccentricity abounds. Love may or maynot be around the corner.

Author Susan Payetta is one smart cookie. . To get her book published, she started her own publishing company, Sail Rock Press. What a concept!

She writes. Dear Joan, I started Sail Rock Publishing a few years ago to facilitate publishing a friend's memoirs. After many submission inquiries and proposals to mainstream publishers, Up Before Dawn, by Edward Kent was systematically rejected as "not commercially viable." I learned a lot more about the publishing industry than I ever wanted to know. My goal with my own book was to make it look as close to a mainstream traditionally published book as possible. The IndieAuthor Guide by April L. Hamilton has been an indispensable tool.

Her book is full of DIY instructions and advice to new writers.

The book is available now at the Northern Women's Book Store on Court Street and soon at Chapters.

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