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BOOK REVIEW by Joan Baril

The Flying Falcones is set in a Thunder Bay butcher shop and inhabited by great Thunder Bay characters. It is a very funny book. The author and publisher, Susan Payetta, has entered it for the Stephen Leacock award and I believe it has a good chance.

The plot: Rosemarie Cantazaro remembers the butcher shop from her childhood but who could believe she would ever be working there!. But Rosemarie needs a job and what a job. The usual Thunder Bay craziness and eccentricity abounds. Love may or maynot be around the corner.

Author Susan Payetta is one smart cookie. . To get her book published, she started her own publishing company, Sail Rock Press. What a concept!

She writes. Dear Joan, I started Sail Rock Publishing a few years ago to facilitate publishing a friend's memoirs. After many submission inquiries and proposals to mainstream publishers, Up Before Dawn, by Edward Kent was systematically rejected as "not commercially viable." I learned a lot more about the publishing industry than I ever wanted to know. My goal with my own book was to make it look as close to a mainstream traditionally published book as possible. The IndieAuthor Guide by April L. Hamilton has been an indispensable tool.

Her book is full of DIY instructions and advice to new writers.

​The book is available now at the Northern Women's Book Store on Court Street and soon at Chapters.

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